The Greatest Goblin 4

Blurg follows his new friend through the scrub. Low, weedy shrubs give way to taller plants adorned with thick spines and pine needle leaves. The goblin’s ears prick and twitch at the distinctive sound of long-bellied snakes crawling through the brush.

“Is it far?” He squeaks, eyes scanning the darkness.

“Oh miles,” she replies, jabbing a green finger at the entrance to a dark burrow beneath the roots of a thorny trunk.

“Or just there. Come on.”

Is anything amiss at the Toe Biter lar?

Even with the adventuring companies roaming Goblin Hold, I’ll say there’s a normal (4+ chance) of things being wrong. Rolling a 5 tells me something’s wrong. Consulting the Mighty Oracle to discover what the problem is reveals ‘harming’ and ‘Mental/Plotting/Technical’. I decide some naughty fiend has trapped the entrance. Was it Toe Biters? (1-3) or Adventurers? (4-6)

Die roll gives a 6 so the trap is of Good Kin design. The superior craftsmanship will make it a little harder to disarm/evade. First though, our goblins with have to spot it.

Rolling on luck, L2SR, Blurg needs 12+(!) The Toe Biter needs 15+(!!). Unsurprisingly, neither of them spot the trap.

Who goes in first?

Eager to escape the creepy forest, Blurg shoulders past his new friend and darts into the tunnel mouth. The cool air on his skin and the musty scent of the underground cool his aching nerves. Relief’s soft touch does not last long. His naked foot slips deep into the mud and hits something hard. A resounding ‘click’ echoes within the confined space. It almost overpowers the twang of a releasing string. He looks down in time to the crossbow poking out from the dirt, its bow slamming straight as it hurls a filthy quarrel at his chest.

Blurg has a chance to dodge the arrows. I’ll make it a 1SRDex, meaning he needs to roll 7+. He scores a 5. Since there are only Light & Heavy bows detailed in the MM12e rulebook, I’ll give blurg a chance and roll 3d for a Light bow.

Lucky old Blurg takes 15 points of damage, taking him to -6 and Death’s black domain. At least his woes with adventurers have come to an end.

Published by dabdownjack

Leading a small tribe through the zombie coughpocalypse. I'm looking to come out of this a better, fitter, smarter human. Mostly interested in learning to draw, spinning tall tales, and gardening.

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